Empowering Amazing Fan Experiences

At UltimateFan, we specialize in bridging the gap between the offline "real world" fan and supporter experience with online digital interactions and communities.

Why UltimateFan?

Because everyone deserves an amazing experience.

At UltimateFan we build our communities around the love and passion of the fan or supporter of universities and colleges.  Whether it is athletics, marching bands, various student or alumni organizations. 

Private Communities 
= Safe Spaces

We build our fan communities with a few key principles in mind:
1) An online experience should be as dynamic as the world around us.  Life does not exist in a single feed scroll.  Our members can talk about a wide variety of subjects that catch their fancy.

2) No Trolls.  We have no tolerance for individuals who "get their kicks" off creating chaos online.   Trolls do not belong in our communities.

3) Ad-Free Experience.  Our communities are ad-free experiences.  We are not tracking our members in order to figure out how to sell advertising.   Our communities are about the Members.  Period.

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